Does Spirituality affect Health?

Does Spirituality affect Health?

What does spirituality mean? Does it affect one’s health ?

The practice of spirituality is to stay in touch with one’s authentic self, soul, essence,core…and when one practices spirituality, it causes an alignment of mind, body, spirit….and that alignment maintains a balance, an equilibrium which translates  into good health at all levels of being…. mental emotional physical and spiritual..and conversely being out of alignment disrupts the balance and equilibrium which can lead to poor health.

But the definition of what personal  spirituality is and how it’s practiced,  is infinite and all inclusive…..from structured religion, organizations, rituals , ceremonies to feeling connected to spirit through service, music, art, family, nature, community,….whatever moves you…inspires you…nourishes you…connects you to hope and love…is your personal unique spirituality

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