Preventing Bullying….

Preventing Bullying….

‘I am You, You are Me’ celebrates a message of oneness and unity…. a deeply powerful anti-bullying message. The book’s underlying theme is that we are all more similar than we are different. It helps children early on, to absorb the awareness of how we are all connected to each other, connected to our earth, our joy, our love, our peace and light.

 We are living in a time where we have witnessed too many school tragedies, where children are attacking each other out of a sense of isolation… I hope it will be a tool to help children hold on to the wonder of being and staying cohesive, supportive, inclusive, to prevent bullying, isolation, teasing and the physical and mental illnesses that arise from the focus on differences and divisiveness..and to prevent the tragedies that result from that focus. Through colorful illustrations and words, the book reminds us that we can live from a place of believing and knowing that I am you and you are me.

Thank you for helping me spread this simple but powerful message. The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions.

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Anu French

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