The Bliss of the Cauliflower

The Bliss of the Cauliflower

I came home last night with a million things on my mind. I remembered that I had a cauliflower in my refrigerator I’m thinking distractedly “Let’s make cauliflower today ” Then my daughter Ovya makes it such a mindful endeavor…she asks in her breathless excited way, ” Can I help you cook ?” She washes it lovingly and tenderly feeling the water on her hands and watching the water run all over the white florets. She watches me cut it into “little trees” as she calls them, she wants to smell the turmeric the cumin the curry powders before she adds the spices. She loves to stir the dish, breathes in deeply at the stove the aroma of the dish. Her rising excitement is contagious as she watches it all come together and I was quickly reminded about how being mindful and being present in each moment makes it joyful and colorful. And then that moment she has been waiting for arrives…tasting it! She takes a big bite, runs around the kitchen joyfully declaring how yummy it it’s her favorite vegetable! She reminds me of how to find joy in the daily routine, be mindful while preparing and savoring a celebrate vegetables, the earth, the elements, the farmers. And she brings back the element of fun into what I would normally consider the evening dinner preparation.

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