Delighted to be featured  in the #IntegrativeMedicineForTheUnderserved #IM4US February 2019 newsletter! 🙏💜

IM4US: What got you interested in integrative health and the underserved?

Anu: My journey to wellness over the last 22 years as a pediatrician and the last 15 years as a mother has been focused on building resilience. Being able to bounce back from stress, helping develop neuroplasticity and nourishing intergenerational resilience feels paramount as a parent and as a physician.

What kind of work do you do with the underserved?

Anu: I have been at our SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics office in St Louis MO for 18 years that serves an ethnically culturally socioeconomically diverse and medically underserved population
Why did you become a member?
Anu: For thirty years I lived with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and I thought I would have to co-exist with these diseases for the rest of my life. Ten years ago, through a fellowship in Integrative Medicine and a vibrant healing community in St Louis MO, I learned how to bring mind body medicine into my practice and into my home. Joining IM4US and being part of a greater community and purpose and finding a tribe of like minded professionals was wonderful and helps me stay balanced.
How has IM4US impacted your personal or professional life? 
Anu: Being part of the (IM4US) policy committee and attending the congressional hearing on Capitol Hill this past summer had a powerful impact. As I’ve learned about toxic stress, inflammation and chronic disease, nothing seems more important to me than reversing the effects of these through social justice, advocacy and Integrative pediatrics both for my family and for my patients.

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Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US) is a collaborative, #multidisciplinary group of people committed to #affordable#accessibleintegrative health care for all. Through #outreach#education#research, and #advocacy, we support those dedicated to promoting health in underserved populations.

Together we work to shift the current paradigm towards #equity, wellness, #prevention, patient #empowerment, and #selfcare. I am grateful to be a member and part of the #mission of IM4US and if you feel moved please support their cause.

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