Hysterectomy Blog: Day 31 Stretching Beyond My Comfort Zone

Hysterectomy Blog: Day 31 Stretching Beyond My Comfort Zone

March 11, 2019

Today I was able to return to my wonderful weekly yoga class with Dianna Lucas. I had really missed being able to go since the #hysterectomysurgery. It is such good #medicine for my #mindbody and #spirit.

#Yoga means harness, yoke, #unity. In its purest form it is meditative movement and discipline with the purpose of harnessing prana (energy) to chit (consciousness). The National Institute of Health currently lists over 40 research trials in the United States and Canada recruiting for studies including the effects of yoga in patients with #hypertension#stroke, irritable bowel syndrome, #PTSD, cystic fibrosis, #asthma#depression and chronic pain.

The practice of yoga has been shown to decrease stress via down regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response). Studies show that yoga decreases stress hormones and inflammation in the body. Here is a review I co-authored of the existing evidence for #therapeuticyoga as a mind-body therapy for specific #pediatric conditions. Yoga is a safe and effective practice for children and this review was included in the Clinical Statement on #MindBodyMedicine from the #AmericanAcademyofPediatrics.


A majority of published studies on the clinical effects of yoga have shown significant benefits from 30 to 60 minutes of practice 3 or more times a week for a span of 1- 12 weeks showing that frequency is more important than duration of practice. I am no yoga expert, in fact I find it very challenging at times. But I go back because it is about more just knowing how to hold a pose. For me it’s about becoming more #flexible and adaptable in my #attitude#thoughts and #choices.

As I’ve learned about #toxicstress, adverse childhood events, inflammation and chronic disease, nothing seems more important to me than reversing the effects of these through the development of #neuroplasticity and nourishing #intergenerational #resilience.
Here’s a live chat I had recently with
Elle Brodsky, President/Founder of Yoga Buzz for the #YogaAndBodyImageCoalition on therapeutic yoga and resilience.


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